15 minutes per day will get your ducks in a row

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Saturday mornings in our home seem to be one part of the week where I do my best work. The week lies behind me; Friday night was family night where we intentionally spend time together as a family; and when I wake up before the rest of the family early Saturday mornings, I go to my study to read, write and think. Later in the morning I take my dog for a longer run.

This past Saturday something happened to me that I want to share with you in order to get you to think more about your own life

I started to read a book which I thought would be helpful. The first 15 minutes were useful but then I got to a chapter that was pure drivel. (I looked up the meaning of that word: non-sense; silliness; saliva from the mouth; foolishness)

I threw the book in the recycle box by my feet and tuned in to listening to one of my mentors on iTunes. Within minutes I felt refreshed and energized. At that moment the sun rose in the east and I opened the window, allowing fresh air to stream into my study.

Maybe there is a part of your life where you feel stagnant. You look for a solution. You find none. But one day you stumble upon a fresh idea. It’s a revelation. It’s new. Its shinny. It is like that open window in my study where suddenly you throw away what must be thrown away and you allow fresh air to stream in.

Here is this week’s challenge: Think about one area—not two or three or more— where in the coming week you will open the window and be refreshed.

It may be simply getting out for a daily 15 minute walk every day (I remember reading somewhere that the view from a treadmill rarely takes your breath away…..so get outside more often); it may be time with a favorite book for only 15 minutes each day; it may be a bubble bath; it may be filing your papers strewn on a cluttered floor into a filing cabinet.

Whatever it may be for you, remember that 15 minutes a day for 7 days, over one month, amounts to 465 minutes per month—and 5,580 minutes per year…..which is 93hrs….which is almost 4 days.

The bottom line? Identify one area you want to better and start today spending only 15 minutes on that task. Do it daily and see where you end up one year from now.

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