What do you REALLY care about?

2012-04-18T15:01:22+00:00 April 18th, 2012|Guidance|

What do you REALLY care about? Right now you are busy. Over your head perhaps. Too much on your plate. Deadlines which will be missed. Distractions to fight off. Here is a way [...]

Mind the GAP

2012-04-16T13:37:29+00:00 April 16th, 2012|Guidance|

  At a recent conference I learned about an interesting study done at the prestigious MIT, located in Boston. They looked at what motivates people the most. What drives them to success? Why [...]

Close Your Eyes

2012-04-09T16:00:29+00:00 April 9th, 2012|Guidance|

  Close your eyes after you read this. But first come along with me to a sunny part of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. It is 30 C and there is no wind. [...]