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I ran for the 800th consecutive day today. With God’s help I conquered sleet, snow, hail, hills, heat, wind, the pain of a pulled muscle, the urge to quit and the thoughts of “why do this at all”

Yet it’s not about me running 800 days. It’s about a question

What is one thing that you can do for the next 800 days—every day—that will make your life better?

My wife told me it’s not a good question because most people don’t do something every day for 800 days in a row. Precisely. That’s why I am asking you to not be like most other people.

Before you embark on your own journey to consistency here is a hint…….if you cannot immediately explain the WHY behind your goal, it is not going to happen.

I would love to hear about your own consistency. Keep me posted. Your example may just inspire many others.

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