Checklist for Mental Health

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Here is a very simple list for perfect mental health. I have laminated the list and carry it in my pocket. When I am caught in line-ups, long red lights and traffic jams I may at times “consult” this list. It keeps me focused on qualities that are timeless and worth cultivating




—Look for ways to be constructive

—Not envious or jealous

—Not proud or boastful

—Not arrogant or conceited

—-Not rude or selfish

—Never insisting on its own way or self-seeking

—-Not easily provoked

—Not keeping a score of wrongs

—Not quick to take offense

—Not touchy or resentful

—Not irritable

—Not glad when others go wrong

—Glad when truth previals

—Overlooks faults

—Eager to believe the best

—Exercises faith in everything

—Endures without limits

–Hopes under all circumstances

(I found these qualities from the Bible—where we are told we are nothing if we don’t have love)

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