A List of Sins

Mahatma Ghandi The centrepiece of Tavistock Sq...

Mahatma Ghandi The centrepiece of Tavistock Square is this statue of Mahatma Ghandi, by Fredda Brilliant and unveiled in 1968. The pose and expression are superbly captured. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I once heard Joel Osteen explain that to sin means to miss the mark. In this day and age we do not like to hear the word “sin”

If you do not like that word, perhaps an alternative for you is the word “mistake”. We all at one point of our lives—at least once! — made a mistake…

But talking about sin……I have a habit of cutting out key pieces of paper and using them as  bookmarks.

Not so long ago, totally without looking for it, I stumbled across this “bookmark” titled “Mankind’s Ten Sins”

By the way, at the bottom of the list, I saw the name of a well known person who generated this list.

Here is the list:

  1. Life without goals
  2. Love without devotion.
  3. Pleasure without conscience.
  4. Wealth without work.
  5. Commerce without morality.
  6. Knowledge without character.
  7. Science without humility.
  8. Politics without principles.
  9. Friendship without trust.
  10. Promises without fulfillment.

The name of the person who came up with this sin-list? Mahatma Ghandi

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