A Story about Athletic Shoes

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Not so long ago I read about two brothers from Germany. They inherited a huge fortune because their dad was the founder of Adidas, the company with the three stripes, well respected world-wide.

Unfortunately there was strife within the family. One brother left Adidas and started his own shoe company.

Today we know that company as Puma.

That got me thinking about the role of strife in families. Perhaps you find it hard to get along with some of your own family members. As much as possible be at peace with others for where there is strife there usually is chaos and all kinds of other negative issues.

But sadly it is not always possible to walk in peace with others. So do your best to avoid strife and know that its hard for your faith to work unless you forgive. Move on and run your own race.

Intead of getting bitter do something positive and don’t allow a family member to steal your joy.

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