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Not so long ago, while driving back from a day in the Rocky Mountains, I listened to a Success Magazine CD. The speaker was Dan Sullivan.

He explained that in order for anyone to grow, a good starting point would be to ask this question:

—Where should I be three years from now in my progress in order to be truly happy with my growth?

I applied it to my own life. Three years from now I would like to have at least one or two books published and I would like to have a weekly radio show where I have interesting guests interviewed so that the listening audience can learn how to be healthy and how to be successful at staying motivated and consistent in life.

Dan then went on to explain that the next step he does as a life coach is to ask:

—-What are the obstacles that will prevent me from reaching the goal I have set to reach three years from now?

He then suggested that one works on that list of obstacles, one at a time after ranking them in order of importance.

My challenge to you today is to sit down within the next week and jot down some thoughts and ideas regarding these two simple but logical questions. If you want to learn more about Dan Sullivan visit his site www.strategiccoach.com

(The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example—Thomas Morell)

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