Always Aim High

A plane flies at 500 miles per hour high above the Canadian Rockies. You are sitting next to me. I tell you I just completed my 75th marathon in Vancouver. And as most people I have met, you say the same thing:

“You are crazy!”

Just kidding….most people don’t say that—they say things like “I can never do that” or “How do you do that?”

So here is my answer.  My hope is it may help you to always aim high, even if you will never even attempt running one marathon. Apply marathon-wisdom to your own life in other words.

  1. Learn to pace yourself right.
  2. Focus on the now—one mile at a time; there is no need to agonize about what lies ahead; enjoy the moment.
  3. Always set goals that make you stretch but not so high that you will never get there.
  4. Help others out along the way with a word of encouragement (I was glad to see two ladies pass me toward the end…..I told them they will run their first marathon well and apparently they did)
  5. Keep all your medals to remind you of your past success. We all go through periods of discouragement. Objects can remind us of how we overcame before and how we can overcome again.
  6. Remember that exercise keeps you healthy and yet the vast majority of the population is inactive for whatever reason. Choose a physical activity you enjoy and do it daily.
  7. When you cross the finish line, smile, say a prayer of thanks and get ready for the next race. In life there will always be the next challenge. Accept that and prepare wisely to run your own race with purpose—-live by example.

(See a picture of my view from 35,000 feet on the Twitpic section of this site. The other pictures are from a trip I took to Africa via London and it shows how running next to the ocean makes exercise easier)

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  1. Grant Molyneux May 02 at 3:52 pm - Reply

    Awesome advice, pacing oneself is key, keep up the great words of wisdom!

    • Dr. Peter Nieman May 03 at 3:43 pm - Reply

      Thanks Grant. Your book, “Efforless Exercise”, should be read by all serious athletes who want to pace themselves well

  2. peter May 06 at 2:02 pm - Reply

    nice work Doc!

    • Dr. Peter Nieman May 07 at 3:39 am - Reply

      Thanks Peter for the encouragement

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