Always Remember This Story

 Small opportunities are often the beginnings of great enterprises


I read somewhere about a young artist in Kansas who had the urge to draw. He went from newspaper to newspaper to sell his cartoons. It did not work; he was rejected by each and every editor; he was told he had no talent.

This young man did not give up and in a minute you will be glad he did not.

Instead he kept on knocking on doors. Others rejected him too. However a pastor felt sorry for him and gave him a job as an artist, drawing advertizing pictures for church events. This young man was poor and had nowhere to stay. The pastor offered him a “studio” in an old mouse-infested garage belonging to the church. It’s a good thing this young artist was not scared of mice for one of the mice he met became world famous

We all know that mouse as Mickey Mouse

This story about how Walt Disney began his career as an artist always inspires me when I think of role models who started small and ended big.

 Imagine what would have happened if Disney gave up after being rejected. We would not have had Disney World or Disney Land. No Disney cruises where thousands of families spend memorable moments together.

When you wonder if it is worth to live your own life by example and when you are tempted to give up remember Mickey Mouse. Let it inspire you to never quit as a mother, a spouse or a person with big dreams.

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  1. Elizabeth Mar 12 at 9:15 pm - Reply

    Imagination makes a good combination with talent and perseverance

    • Dr. Peter Nieman Mar 12 at 9:34 pm - Reply

      You are right—that is exactly why we, even today. still thank Walt Disney for living a life by example

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