Are You Consistent?

Dec 16, 2013 marks 4 years for me of running every day. I am now 57 and if I make it to 100, my goal is to put a zero behind the 4 one day! I thank my Source for allowing me to run every day of my life.

Destiny alone controls how long I have left on this planet.

However, what I can control is my intention. I have manifested a consistent habit and a consistently positive attitude in doing daily exercise. I have found over the past few years that three things help me be consistent.

1. Make sure your goal is aligned with your highest desire.

2. By exercising early in the day I have reduced the chance that a delay may become a detour or distraction.

3. Link what you desire to accomplish with a cause or person. In my case, Dec 16 is my dad’s birthday. I was by his bedside when he took his last breath 2 years ago. Pancreatic cancer was the cause of his lifework ending here on the planet. I miss him daily and to honor his legacy I live life with a high energy. He did that daily. Recently I also linked up with World Vision to raise money which is used not to feed hungry kids, but kids who are at risk of starvation from hunger.

All the best as you plan the activity which resonates with your own desires. My hope is that you will not do what I am doing, but instead find the area where your consistent habits will not only help you, but bless others

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