Are you yawning or do you have an 8th Habit?

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There are some books which simply go viral. It goes to the top in no time. One such a book is Steven Covey’s “The 8th Habit” It follows Mr Covey’s other successful bestseller, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

It is one thing to read about the success of an author. It is even better to meet someone real with skin who was deeply impacted by the book. Not so long ago, I met a highly successful CEO in his corner office on the 25th floor of a Calgary skyscraper.

Covey’s book was prominently on display next to a few other books lined up on the coffee table.

When I asked him if he likes the book and what it meant to him he was quick to add “There really is only one sentence in the book that you have to remember if you want to be successful.”

Here is the sentence:

I commend to you again this simple way of thinking about life: a whole person (body, mind, heart and spirit) with four basic needs (to live, to learn, to love to leave a legacy) and four intelligences (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and their highest manifestations (discipline, vision, passion, conscience), all of which represents the four dimensions of voice (need, talent, passion and conscience)

Obviously this book was bought by millions. The question is how many allowed it to translate knowledge into action?

It is human nature to yawn when we are told the sun rises in the east. We know that. So what is new?

What is new is true wisdom—which is the ability to apply knowledge correctly. This is not very common. In fact, one way to start living your life by example is to become wiser than you were one year ago. Always grow. Never take anything for granted. Make consistent progress.

You will have to decide how and when you apply knowledge.

  1. Covey’s ideas may be a good starting point.
  2. Another starting point is to know for sure what you value most. If it truly matters to you, you will be more likely to apply the knowledge you have gathered over time.
  3. Finally allow someone you respect to keep you accountable.
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