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I had another beautiful run earlier today. I do these daily runs because they keep me in balance.

It was when I came home and wrote in my journal about all the ideas that freely flow through me when I exercise that I noticed the number 1331. (It was day 1331 of running every day thus far)

English: Yin & Yang

English: Yin & Yang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a tautology. It reads the same backwards as it does forwards.

When 1331 jumped off the page I immediately sensed the idea of balance.

My wife and a pastor friend may laugh at what I am about to share. (They think, as many others do, that I am out of balance because I have determined that daily exercise keeps me in balance)

Its when I run that I am inspired. It means I am in-spirit. It means I resonate with the words of the actor in the movie “Chariots of Fire” when he proclaimed “When I run I feel God’s pleasure in me”

Being in balance or inspired means that to reach you full potential, you have to get to a place of inner knowing that life consists of ups and downs. How we move forward will ultimately be our example to others.

Some call this idea of constant rhythms of ups and downs Yin and Yang (or the Wisdom of the Tao).

As medical doctors we talk about homeostasis ( where the body when totally in health is also in balance)

Here is my encouragement to you today: Is your own life in a place of balance? What is your best way to deal with the inevitable ups and downs we all face as we journey along?

I am now at a place where a book is flowing through me. It is close to manifesting and my humble wish is that it will help readers get closer to a place of balance.

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