Be in the Zone

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Recently I stayed at a hotel which was different. Instead of having a card to hang on the doorknob saying “Do not Disturb” or “Privacy Please”, the card for this hotel read “In the Zone”

Below the words “in the Zone” there was a sub line: “One knock can bring me out of it”

Yesterday I completed my 78th marathon. Unlike many of the previous marathons I was in the zone in this one. It means I was in a space where I felt totally in synch with my environment.

It was a flat course, there was no wind, and it was cool and overcast. Usually one wants to walk towards the end, but today I felt like I could go on and on.

Whatever you are aiming to do well today, remind yourself that it will not always go as well as you want it to go. But when it goes well, enjoy it. Better still—record it so that you can revisit that memory later.

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