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 Recently I saw a teenager in my clinic. She told me it was the last time she was seeing me. The issue was not that she was upset with me being her doctor—she simply was too old (17 year old girls are too old to see a pediatrician)

So when I heard she and her mom are on the same page trying to lose weight– or at least not gain weight — I gave her this advice: Become streakers

She was shocked. Then I explained.

A streaker, in this case, is a person who made a decision to exercise daily for the rest of his or her life—a steady streak of working out every day. In my patient’s situation it is ideal to become a streaker, because that way she and her mom became a team and they can hold each other accountable. She liked my idea and her frown quickly changed into a smile.

What holds me accountable—as a streaker—is my goal to live life by example. Today is day 612 of running every day. I thank God for good health.

You may not like running, but maybe you can walk and mix it up with other activities you enjoy. My encouragement today is for you to become a streaker—and have fun telling people about it!

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