Better Than…..

True nobility is not about being better

than someone else, it’s about

being better than we used to be.

This quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer is one I keep close by as a reminder that  living life is about learning the lessons I must learn in order to get inspired and love others better.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Cover of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

In a previous blog I wrote about humility. I mentioned that life is not about competing and comparing; it is about being on purpose with our passions and walking humbly, keeping things simple and having compassion for the souls we encounter anywhere, anytime.

So this weeks suggestion is simple:

Are you on purpose and are you getting better than you used to be?

Remember that the Great Teacher taught we are to love others like we love ourselves….so be kind to yourself as you ask, “Am I getting better?” Be patient with yourself. Do not compare yourself to others. Run your own race.

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