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July 26th, 2018|

After almost four decades of working as a doctor, and observing both my patients and peers, I am still learning about where most of us camp. By camping I mean where we hang out; where [...]

Avoid a slow death by being born

July 11th, 2018|

Not so long ago I met a fine pediatrician in New York. I was in my favorite city to talk about physician wellness. Ron is a great clinician and an academic doctor who teaches at [...]

What do you do with your nuts?

May 29th, 2018|

This is a story about nuts. Your nuts. Our nuts.   Not so long ago I was at a blissfully useful conference on the topic of cognitive behavioral therapy. I learned a lot about incorporating [...]


May 8th, 2018|

Not so long ago I experienced a high. I tend to do that often—getting high. Usually I do it early in the day. My days are long and draining, so I figured the best time [...]


April 10th, 2018|

Has it ever happened to you that you went to a conference and it extended over days? Lots of information was shared at a furiously fast pace. You felt like you were trying to take [...]

Ahhh Moments in a Particular Climate

March 27th, 2018|

As I am writing this, I am surrounded by tall palm trees, lazily swinging back and forth in a gentle tropical breeze. Above me is a dome of bright stars hovering over waves making their [...]


January 22nd, 2018|

Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain. – Mark Twain   Have you ever experienced a thought that keeps on coming back over and over? Like a boomerang you try and [...]


January 1st, 2018|

  Close to 20 years ago I ran the Las Vegas marathon. This was my 19th marathon and it was special in many ways: I trained harder than ever with the goal to run my [...]


October 23rd, 2017|

Have you ever wondered how your brain works? Perhaps you are tired and stressed; perhaps you are always in a rush, unable to slow down and be more mindful? I recently lost a very valuable [...]

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