Can you answer this medical question?

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 Here is a medical question to tease you with: You have decided to exercise this beautiful summer morning. But you cannot make up your mind. Should you do it inside or outside?

Before you answer let me tell you about my morning run. I am on vacation next to a lake in British Columbia. The sun reflects brightly off the water. I hear birds chirp. There is only a slight breeze—just enough to allow the fragrance of a rose bush to drift toward me. I get ideas for writing this blog. Afterwards I take off my shoes and walk bare feet on the soft green grass. I feel connected to this planet. Life is great.

By now you may have guessed the answer. A recent study showed that when athletes worked out with the same intensity and duration that the group who did it outside had a lower BP than the inside group.

There is a saying that treadmills are for hamsters.

Here is this week’s reminder. Run your own race in whatever way you like to. However know that outside workouts are extra good for your blood pressure.

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