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Over thirty years of coaching patients as doctor interested in the part healthy eating plays in our lives, I am always open to learn more about food trends. Entomophagy is a current trend, driven by [...]


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Life will inevitably offer you various opportunities to learn more about yourself. When adversity hits---and it will---you will remember the orange. My teacher Wayne Dyer always taught that when an orange gets squeezed, what is [...]


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Nutrional fitness is as important as cardiovascular fitness. I am honored and humbled to talk more about this on Aug 13, 2014 at Canada Olympic Park at 7:PM I am joining John Kucera, Olympic Downhill [...]

Who Do You Believe?

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While watching CNN today from my treadmill, I noticed an interesting study in the field of nutrition. Two men, twins, decided to be part of an experiment. One was going to cut all carbs and [...]

Nutrition Matters

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    Not so long ago I read a story about Jim Fixx a runner who died of a heart attack at age 52, in 1984. Jim Fixx used to be overweight and [...]