Avoid a slow death by being born

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Not so long ago I met a fine pediatrician in New York. I was in my favorite city to talk about physician wellness. Ron is a great clinician and an academic doctor who teaches at [...]


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We are told to be fully present and to be aware of the now. As a young medical student I heard this expression: "Wherever you are, be all there." I do not know if you [...]


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We all seem to struggle with the way we manage our time and energy. One way to become consistent is to integrate, seamlessly, a routine into our already-existing daily habits. We all wake up in [...]


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It has been said that stress is that which happens when our needs are not met. But do we all know our own needs? Do we know the needs of our closest family and friends? [...]


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  It has been said that life is a string of lessons, one after another. I experienced, first hand, that when there were four co-incidences over the past few months, they were not [...]