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PALM TREES IN SIHLOUTTE Hawai`i: PĀMĀ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Close your eyes after you read this. But first come along with me to a sunny part of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.

It is 30 C and there is no wind. You feel the sun on your face. You look down from your balcony at the sea shore below. Palm trees populate the edge of the deep blue ocean that stretches far to a distant horizon. You inhale deeply and smell fresh salty air. The waves rhythmically go back and forth, increasing in noise as the backwash rolls over some shells and rocks

You walk toward the soft sand and smell tanning lotion along the way. You hear little birds happily chirping next to a waterfall, washing themselves in the bright morning sun.

The ocean’s smooth surface glitters and sparkles brightly. In the distance you see the white sails of a yacht anchored far away

As your feet touch the warm, soft sand you sink into the earth surface. The cool water washes around your ankles.

You see kids building sand castles and squealing with pleasure when a big wave washes over their masterpiece.

By now you feel energy and peace flowing through your veins. Your body is in harmony with the vast creation all around you.

The above happened to me regularly the past two weeks.

I am glad this morning I can relive all of this now that I am back where lakes are still frozen and trees are naked; where sunshine is scarce and a cold wind from the arctic North slams into my city each and every day—3 weeks after the start of “Spring”.

You see many years ago I learned about one-minute vacations.

In Dr Peale’s book, The Power of Positive Thinking I learned about how he relived his trips to Hawaii and Florida. Peale lived in chilly New York and he regularly took breaks in warmer parts of the planet. He then sat in his study just off the noisy and hectic Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and relived his vacations by taking what he called “one minute vacations”

Now close your eyes and see what you can relive.

Enjoy the fresh energy that will come from making this wise decision


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