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 I love reading books by Robin Sharma. He is superb at convincing his readers of his single most passionate purpose at this time: we do not need to have a title to be a leader.

Sharma’s book The Leader Who Had No Title has sold well, much like many of his previous books. The reason – at least the way I see it – is that he connects with his followers by living his life by example.

While the idea that leadership is key has made a success out of Sharma and other leadership authors (such as John Maxwell who is a regular contributor to Success magazine and the author a number of New York Times bestsellers), one can really add similar ideas, but in different areas.

For example, we all are coaches; we all are in sales; we all are athletes. As an observer of many busy moms who are fine role models to their families, who are dynamic at work, and who consistently inspire those who are just starting to discover the value of living life by example, here are some ideas that I have discovered:

 • These moms are indeed coaches to their kids, bringing out the best in them, encouraging them even after the child fumbles. They keep the team (family) together by instilling pride in belonging to that family. They live by the Golden Rule, which is to ask of themselves what they ask the kids to do – to clean up, to not waste time with too much TV, and to help those in need. You too can be a coach.

 • They also sell their ideas to those at work by being good listeners and by seeing what is in it for the co-worker or the boss. Rather than selling, they see themselves as helping others to recognize the benefits. There is no hit-list of prospects, only a list of people who must be contacted so that one can help them go to a higher level. You too are in sales.

 • These moms make the time to get active and stay active. They know that in life there will always be distractions; these events will push them off course. In order to be an athlete, one need not be on a team or get paid a salary. One only has to be consistent at moving each and every day for 20-30 minutes minimum.

Remember a previous blog where I wrote about Tony Robins who said, “Motion creates emotion.” If you want to be happy . . . move! You too are an athlete. There is always a bigger picture. In this case, see yourself as a leader, a coach, a sales person, and an athlete. God made you for a purpose. Find out what that purpose is and live life by example.

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      Thank you for leaving a coment. My goal is to leave ideas that may make you think about how you can be consistent in whatever matters to you. Once we have a community of people who are consistent in their efforts, we can help more people to do the same. Imagine how families can become closer; imagine how many others can live healthy; imagine how many people can be inspired to also them live life by example. I appreciate your comments. Please give feedback again—both positive and negative.

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