Come Home Twice

Recently my dog had a torn ligament repaired on her right leg. A few months ago the same surgery was done for the same issue on her left leg. The care we received from the Animal Hospital in Calgary was superb. It could not be any better. Dr. Amy Little has skilled hands and we were the beneficiaries of her talents.

Sage, my friendly Black Lab, always welcomes me when I arrive at home. She does it with a smile and a wagging tail—recently it is regardless of her own pain after surgery.

What a lesson that is to all of us…..

As Alan Cohen wrote in his book A Daily Dose of Sanity, “When your dog greets you with such joy upon your arrival home, you are tempted to out and come home again”

I may just do that next time I come home–especially after having had a tough day in my clinic.

Black Lab

Black Lab (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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