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US Airways Boeing 737-3B7 N506AU

US Airways Boeing 737-3B7 N506AU (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Not so long ago I flew from Ottawa to Calgary. The flight takes 4 hours and 35 minutes. It’s a long flight.

Sadly I did not listen to the advice Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger gave. He is the famous pilot who crash-landed a US Airways jet in the Hudson river after it lost both engines in a collision with a flock of geese.

Sully says that before one flies consult with a website

The site offers advice on the disadvantages and advantages of a particular seat on a plane.

If you fly with a Boeing 737— like I did— avoid the three back rows. Here is why:

—no space in the overhead bins.

—smaller seating areas than in the rest of the plane

—a noisy galley- way (kitchen)

—a toilet where people slam the doors and flush the toilet hard enough that ear plugs will fail to help you nap.

Or the other plan, as my wealthy friend told me, is to simply move to the very front, and fly first class!


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