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 A famous lady goes through a major transition. Two months ago she was on the cover of Success magazine. It looked like she had it all. A career; a family of four kids and a husband, known for being a body builder, actor and politician

We read about her in the newspaper this past week.

We saw her on You Tube.

We watched pundits on TV speculating about her future

One line in a newspaper article caught my attention: she asked anyone—yes, anyone out there—to give her three ideas on how to cope with transition

By now you may have guessed that the lady I am talking about is the former First Lady of California, Maria Shriver. She anounced that her marriage of 25 years will go through the next transition—separation from her spouse.

It is sad when marriages fall apart. When I read that 50% of marriages fail I can’t help but wonder, of the remaining 50%, how many are actually happy marriages? Maybe people stay together for the sake of a vow they took. Meanwhile they are as unhappy as they could be, handling the transition of having to tolerate unhappiness for the sake of whatever.

Even when we fail in staying married for life, how we cope with that reality may be a life by example moment.

What is the point of this week’s story? We all will face transitions. Be sure to have your top three methods of coping with transitions. I cannot tell you what they are. I can only use Maria’s story to encourage you to reflect—find out what works for you

As the saying goes…….when you drown it is too late to take swimming lessons.

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