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Recently  when I got out of my car I was hit by a wave of gratitude. I could not explain the timing. In fact, at this time of my life, I needed to read the words written by Alan Cohen in his book, A Daily Dose of Sanity

Alan wrote, “when outer times seem dark, inner light shines the brightest”

My outer times became a bit dark three weeks ago when my family life got changed in an instant: my wife collapsed in our study and we had to rush her to the hospital after she regained consciousness.

We are going through a time of being patients, at the mercy of other doctors, to sort out why this happened. Both of us are doctors; both of us are endurance runners; both of us are usually very healthy.

Meanwhile, we are very grateful that she is alive. Perhaps that is what triggered the sudden wave of thanksgiving to vibrate inside of me.

It takes me two minutes to get from my car to my desk at the pediatric clinic I work at. I now use those two minutes every day to be in a state of gratitude. It is intentional and because its a walk I take daily, it has become a consistent habit.

Once a year we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. How about being more grateful daily? Its through thanksgiving that we attract more reasons to be grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal (Photo credit: limevelyn)

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