Do you believe in yourself?

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Not so long ago I met a hockey player at the American Academy of Pediatrics meeting in Boston. He worked for a pharmaceutical company. We talked about the value of sport in helping us to succeed in other areas of life.

He told me his sport activities enabled him to meet President Bill Clinton at the White House.

He had that honor because he was voted the most popular college hockey player in the USA. James Leger told this to me about himself as a matter of fact. He was humble and down to earth.

What intrigued me is that his coaches did not think he would take it that far—yet he believed in himself.

He did what Joel Osteen teaches……watch what you say after you say “I am” For example will you say “I am not good because…..” or will you do what James Leger did? (“I am good enough to compete at any level”) I am can be followed by either a positive or a negative.

Life is really about two activities: deposits or withdrawals. What are you depositing today that will help you maintain a belief in yourself?

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