Do you bring the best you to the table?

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You drive around a corner and suddenly you see a whole long line of cars ahead. Traffic is moving at a snails pace. You wonder if it may be faster to park your car and walk instead. You look at some people around you and notice frowns; you also see people hanging on tightly to steering wheels—as if it may help the traffic move faster!

At that time your phone rings. Just before you answer it the phone dies. Its either a dropped call or the battery is low. You may have been too busy last night to plug in the phone and charge it. What if it was one of your kids trying to connect with you?

The driver behind you comes up too close. You wonder if the young teen may be texting while driving. Will he stop in time or will your rear bumper be dented? You are too busy to have to take the car to a body shop. Fortunately, his car comes to a stop inches before hitting your precious car.

You see pollution in the distance. Just back from a conference where they mentioned asthma being more prevalent in areas of heavy pollution, you wonder if that morning cough may be the first signs of asthma

What is the point? The point is that we all face stress every day in various sizes and shapes.

Medically speaking it can slowly crank up the blood pressure, lower immunity and cause energy leaks that we may not even know about

So, as a doctor, here are the three methods I use every day to help me handle stress. I call it the 3M method

Move. I refuse to live a single day without any exercise. I simple need that energy I get from my daily routine. It gives me a mental edge.

Music. All I’ll say is keep that iPod charged at all times and use music with a beat or a rhythm that is soothing. The good part is you get to choose. No need to change to another station.

Meditate. Personally for me it means to knock on the door of my Creator, who is the source of wisdom and energy. For you it may be a matter of switching off that iPod; of sitting still; of thinking about nothing and just becoming aware of your breathing.

What now? Just find out what works for you but remember to have your own 3M model! Go out there and bring the best you to the table as you live life by example.

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