Do you do what Pilots do?

A pilot of a DC-10 consulting his checklist.

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Pilots use a check list before take –off. I suppose they can argue that the more experienced they are the less they need to use that list. But they don’t think that way.

The book “Checklist Manifesto” will get you thinking about the value of checklists—in medicine, in aviation, in building sky scrapers. But most importantly in any area you may want to get better in.

It is worth reading—3 times: once for information, twice for revelation and the third time for application.

Obviously a pilot will have a list vastly different from yours.

Is there one area you want to be better at—health maybe? Or family tasks? Finances perhaps? Have you had trouble being consistent in that area? How well are you at enduring whatever obstacles come your way as you aim to do better?

Use checklists more often.

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  1. Frontporchdoctor Sep 06 at 4:12 am - Reply

    Great reminder Peter! This echoes the work of David Allen in GETTING THINGS DONE. Thanks for your prompts to live on purpose, with focus, and by discipline
    Terry Y

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