Do You Ever Retrace Your Steps?


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Recently I had the opportunity to look at what was in a closet in my study.

First of all it was dusty. It must have been a while since I last looked into detail what was there.

I wonder how often we have books or exercise equipment in our homes which need to be dusted off? With good intentions we bought them, hoping to put it to use, only to get distracted somewhere along the way.

So the question popped into my mind……how I can make it a way of life to use whatever I have more consistently.

What have you kept in your closet?

It was interesting to retrace some of the steps of my life thus far: all the committees I served on, notes I kept as a member of the audience at meetings or sermons, the launch of my website to give parents resources and hope in the tough journey of raising healthy kids (, emails I printed off when media asked me to appear on local and national TV; leadership roles I played as the president of organizations or committees, projects I engaged in to teach kids and their families how to deal with the monster of media in our lives (it was way easier when TV was the only competition) and lastly — most importantly no doubt —old photos of my family at various stages the past 15 years.

It is when we retrace our steps that we discover how far we have come.

I encourage you to do the same. I suspect some things will be positive but others not so much.

Hang on to the positive and learn from the negative. Use what you already have.

It is never too late to start fresh. In fact, at a recent marathon I met an 85 year old lady, B. J. McHugh, who holds the world record in the marathon for her age.

She took up running at age 55 and smoked for the longest time prior to that. She looked 15 years younger than her 85 years on this planet.

It is never too late to make your way of life a life lived by example. Start by using what you have—even if you may have to dust it off first.

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