Do you have a Top Ten List?

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 You are a busy mother trying to juggle all the balls you juggle—without dropping one. At the end of the day when your head hits the pillow you are exhausted, like a marathon runner who just crossed the finish line, except there is no medal

Can you feel the fatigue? Can you imagine how irritating it would be when you are about to roll over and sleep the phone rings—- and it is me, calling you to remind you how important it is in life to have a top ten list.

Timing is everything. At the end of a busy day or busy week it may not be the right time to reflect on how your top ten list will look. But how about working on that list when the time is ideal? Perhaps while in a hot tub; while walking on a beach; while walking the dog or while intentionally setting time aside once a week to plan for the week ahead.

I recently looked at my old journals. As long as 11 years ago I note that I drew up a list of the top ten lessons I want to impart to my kids. I was pleased to note that after all these years the list is still the same. Not because it’s boring, but because these lessons are non-negotiable.

Here is the top ten on my list. (By the way, they are laminated and I carry it with me frequently as a constant reminder)

  1. Make the teaching of Christ a top priority in order to have more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (notice I do not mention religion or a denominational church….I deliberately mention Christ’s teachings)
  2. Ask for wisdom daily
  3. Have a passion
  4. Always do your very best
  5. Check what thoughts you allow into your mind
  6. Focus on what really matters
  7. Have something to look forward to
  8. Live in the now—maximize the present
  9. Live so that you have the fewest regrets
  10. Live by the Golden Rule by treating others the way you want to be treated.
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    Beardo for me. We will never see a player like him again. Total genius. Some of the goals he scored defied belief, and isnt it strange how every striker he played with scored tons of goals?

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