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Ever since I was a child growing up in Africa, I was attracted to good journalism. My mother subscribed to Time magazine. I read it from cover to cover. These days I still read that magazine and recently on a flight across Canada I read about a lousy patient.

The patient is well known on TV—thanks to Oprah. He is good looking and articulate. He beams with energy and overflows with good ideas. He happens to be an influential doctor. I am talking about Dr Mehmet Oz

He was featured on the cover of Time (June 13, 2011) In an article, that is a must read for all of us, he goes into the reasons why he called himself a lousy patient. (He did what many of us do: he put off and procrastinated getting tested for cancer)

The point this week is to remind ourselves that cancer does not have to kill as many people as it does. Early detection is important. But as Dr Oz mentioned in the end of the piece, “It takes courage to get some of these tests done, but it can save your life” He concludes by saying “I will be rooting for you”

I want to say the same to all who visit this site when it comes to your health. I too will root for you. Get these tests done and live by example.

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