Over thirty years of coaching patients as doctor interested in the part healthy eating plays in our lives, I am always open to learn more about food trends.

Entomophagy is a current trend, driven by science some would claim; bur critics feel it is a fad driven by people who fret that we cannot sustain the current environmental damage.

What is entomophagy? It is the consumption of insects.

Just yesterday, while running, I heard a podcaster with 90 Million followers talk about a new protein bar which contain insect-protein (from crickets) He encouraged his followers to order quickly because supplies won’t last.

What does the United Nations say about this trend? They like it. In fact their Food and Agricultural Organization in 2013 published a lengthy report promoting the practice of eating insects.

David Waltner-Toews , the author of a recent book Eat the Beetles! An Exploration into Our Conflicted Relationship with Insects,  argues that there is plenty of good science behind the notion of eating insects.

Some may find this trend revolting. Others may claim they care about the environment.

I tell my patients and coaching clients to do their own research and decide what works best for them. But as far as science is concerned, I need to see a bit more data before I will highly recommend it as a doctor,  holistic life coach, endurance athlete and blogger.

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