Eating off the Floor

A box of Cheerios breakfast cereal.

A box of Cheerios breakfast cereal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am sitting in my office. It’s a clinic. This is where I see a lot of sick kids daily.  But today I am seeing a healthy child.

Only one problem.

This toddler is busy and his desperate mom packed Cheerios to occupy him. This young man first wants to dump it all on the floor before he eats it

As I pretend to focus on the screen of the computer where his life’s records are displayed, I notice her exasperation.

Then I hear her say “You will have  a strong immune system!”

At least she does not try to keep him in a bubble. The hygiene hypothesis says that kids, who never get sick because their parents put them in a protective bubble, are more prone to get allergies.

As I walk back to my other office—the one with a desk, not the one with an exam table—I smile….. wondering what the toddlers do to their parents. I mean, if someone smashed into your car, you would like to know how much damage was done.

But in parenting that price is a depend-on-the-circumstances issue.

Everything has a price. So far after 30 years of looking after kids and their families I see most people are prepared to pay the price of parenting.

Interesting indeed. Tell me if you know why.

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