Enjoy the unexpected

Sometimes in life we stumble on the unexpected

One of my favorite places to regenerate is in the Canadian Rockies. Not so long ago I was woken up by my dog, Sage, early on a wintry morning. She wanted to go for a walk.

Usually I would be out running even before she wakes up, but today was different. I was cutting back on the amount of running to give an inflamed Achilles tendon some rest. Sage kept on nudging me. We went outside…..she with much energy and me dressed in my jeans, running shoes, a thick jacket protecting me from a brisk wind, and warm gloves to keep my fingers from getting numb (minus 30 Celsius requires a positive attitude indeed!)

I was planning on walking but soon, to keep up with Sage, we were increasing the pace to a slow jog.  Her face had a smile. Her ears were flopping in time with our pace. A few minutes later I got into a rhythm and settled into a comfortable speed—-running like a true runner but certainly not dressed in running clothes

Above us, the tips of the mountains were colored gold as the rising sun announced the start of a brand new day.

Back home ½ hour later I warmed up inside while looking at Sage, stretched out on the floor. She taught me something useful: you can run, have fun and not be dressed in running clothes.

Be open to surprises today. Living life by example requires those Sunday Huddles. But there are also times when your rhythms must be spontaneous—as opposed to planning every minute of each day

Make a list of what you want to do; also keep a list of times when you experienced what I did today….the unexpected….the pleasant surprises…..getting into stride with the ones we love ( In my case it was my faithful dog, now napping by my feet as  I type this) If you are not in the habit of making lists at least keep these memories in your head and hang on to them for future reflection.

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