From a Book to a Movie

Many authors dream that their books will become best-sellers and ultimately made into  movies.

Here is a story of a boy who went to school at Eatons where he got expelled. He later joined the Royal Navy and learned much about the Sectret Service. After World War II he moved from England to Jamaica and started to write books. One of the main characters in his books had a name of James (named after an American ornithologist who was an expert on Caribbean birds)

The first book was called Casino Royale and it was written at a home in Jamaica called Goldeneye. The first movie based on this authors book was called Dr No and its budget was a mere $1 million

Today, October 5, 2012 marks exactly 50 years since the first James Bond movie premiered.

The above story is about the author we know as Ian Flemming.

Since then 23  James Bond movies have been made and the public’s fascination with Mr. Bond continues.

I was surprised to learn that Sean Connery, the most famous James Bond, had to be taught how to be cool. The director of Dr No took Connery around fine restaurants and tailors in London to help him learn more on what it means to be cool.

1988 Academy Awards. Scanned from the original...

1988 Academy Awards. Scanned from the original 35MM film negative. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The point of this story? We all start somewhere. It does not matter how you start as long as you finish strong.



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