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Are you a person who gets out of bed every day with energy and purpose or do you enter the race out of obligation?

I have noticed that people in their 70’s can be excited about their purpose. They rarely lack energy. They remain influential. They leave a legacy. Others want what they have. Their example speaks loudly.

I often wonder why Dr Oz is so influential. Even in a hospital in Capetown, on the other side of the planet, I saw his show while looking after my dad. I think it’s because he has a passion to help others become healthier. He does it with flare and enthusiasm. The sparks attract many.

I have also noticed very young people who early in life discovered their niche. They know their place on the team. Even if they are not the Quarterback they play with passion in whatever position they are meant to play in.

So what if you cannot truly say that each day is a great day because you know your calling?

To engage you consider these three questions:

  1. If money and time were not obstacles what would I be doing?
  2. What is the one area I can help others in the most? Focus on only one.
  3. What activity gives me the most energy and how can I use that activity to bless others in ways that are sustainable?
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