Giving Hope

Not so long ago I was driving down the freeway listening to a CD of a motivational speaker who lives in Dallas.

This man started very small in a ministry that was meaningful to him, many, many years ago.  Today he is the leader and pastor of a church in Dallas which is one of the biggest churches in North America with a membership of 30,000.

He told his audience that his assignment was to give them hope and encouragement.  He used humor when he said:” I do not come to you today as a pastor or are you motivational speaker, but I come to you as a Fed Ex delivery worker”

What he was trying to say is that he is bringing hope, delivering hope, and all his audience had to do was to sign for the package and receive it.

There is no debate that we need to sleep, eat, and breathe oxygen in order to maintain life.  I would argue that we also need to maintain hope in order to live our life by example.  The problem is that many people have lost hope.

Here is my challenge to you for this week and in the weeks ahead.  Make it a habit to start at home first and instill hope in your spouse and also your children.  It may be something as simple as a word of encouragement telling them that that much potential; or it may be a written note which they can hang on to and re-read when they need it the most

The final reminder this week is that unless you have peace and hope in your own life, it is very difficult to install hope in the lives of others.  Make sure that you have a method which will enable you to always stay positive.  I use what I call the 3M method: meditation (reflecting on God’s impact on my life), movement (exercise) and music.

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