Green Eating and your Words

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The farmers market in San Francisco is a must to see. If you ever get to the Bay area, be sure to visit.

I was there recently and I am glad I read something about “green misconceptions” in the Tufts University Health and Nutrition letter, before I visited the market.

A new survey by the Shelton group asked people which labels are the most trustworthy when they buy green foods: “100% natural” or “100% organic”

Of 1,006 people surveyed 31% felt 100% natural is the more trustworthy label—as opposed to 14% who choose 100% organic.

What would you answer?

It all boils down to one simple factor: regulation

To have the term natural one does not need any certification by government standards. But to claim that one’s product is 100% organic one must meet government standards to be certified as such.

Food for thought as you endeavor to fuel your body in a way that you will stay healthy. It’s hard to life a life by example if you are always sick because of fueling your body with junk.

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  1. Webmaster Aug 16 at 7:56 pm - Reply

    You can get 100% organic, additive free cigarettes
    We should not confuse organic with healthy.

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