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One of the most frustrating health challenges is the issue of obesity. I am on my way today to Los Angeles to attend a nutrition conference and as I am writing this, I see a number of overweight people here in the airport.

I am honored to be the doctor in the Calgary Pediatric Weight Clinic and as a result of that experience and learning from wise gurus in the field; I want to share with you 6 steps that have been shown to make a long term difference if you want to control your weight.

If you were to ask me to use only one word to describe why some people can lose weight and keep it off, while others fail, here is the word:


And yet it is easier said than done. I am convinced that unless a plan is specific and simple, consistency will remain an elusive achievement.

Here are 6 steps sourced from The National Weight Control Registry which are steps successful weight controllers took. It worked for them—regardless of their ages, gender, or genes. I believe it can work for you too.

  1. Get active and stay active
  2. Eat a diet low in calories and low in fat
  3. Don’t skip breakfast
  4. Hit the scales once a week
  5. Maintain a consistent eating pattern
  6. Catch “slips” before they turn into bigger problems

I am so aware that for me to have credibility with you, I have to walk the talk—so I took a photo of a recent breakfast I had while enjoying a brunch with some close friends (notice the fruits that are colorful and the salmon, rich in omega 3’s) I positioned the photo below other photos related to the Boston marathon. I ran this race twice and my goal is to do it a few more times….but guess what……I am not yet at my ideal weight. So we all journey together, trying to run our own races.

I deliberately kept   the six points short and specific. If you need more information take a look at the website for the National Weight Control Registry.

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