How do you record your best ideas?

Table Mountain Floodlit, Cape Town

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I find that my best ideas came to me when I was in a shower, a hot tub, a taxi cab or in a plane at 38,000 feet.

I shall never forget one morning when the flight I was on from Cape Town to Frankfurt took me high above Italy, just at the moment the sun rose brightly toward the east. I was sitting on the right side of the plane. The view was perfect. The people on the left side of the plane had a perfect view of the people on the right side, watching the stunning sunrise

Or once while in Mexico on Spring break with me family, I learned much from a lawyer talking to his friend about what to do when your teen starts driving lessons. I did not mean to eavesdrop…just that the fellow was quite loud and I could not help hearing his 

Great ideas always come to us when we are open to them. Too bad some people get excited about a new insight, but forget all about it within hours or even less.

Solving this is simple. Have one place exclusively dedicated for your new ideas. For the past two decades I have recorded ideas always in an open space in my Zig Ziglar Planner. Now that I am getting up to speed with smart phones I have discovered one can also do it electronically in ways that perhaps makes one more efficient (Remember that you scraps of paper may not be with you at all times like your smart phone)

Finally even when you record your ideas let me quote Jessie DuPlantis, a mentor of mine, who teaches that a revelation without a manifestation is a lost opportunity.  We all will fall into the trap of getting ideas and not recording them for later use. But just like an example of a fine baseball  player, aim to get it right at least 3 out of ten times. (In baseball if you hit 3 out of 10 balls well enough to move along, you are doing well)

Life by example living begins with great ideas. Don’t waste these moments!

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