How long will it last?

The Passage of Time

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 I took a photograph of a car one month ago. It was parked at the entrance of a remote hotel in Washington State. Usually I don’t take photos of other people’s cars. This car was different. It immediately reminded me of the audience of this blog.

 You can see the photograph on this site–it is the  dark car at the bottom of the 4 current photos (see twitpics)

 The story is about making meaningful relationships last. The couple who drove this car was celebrating a milestone. In big, bold white letters I read a sign scribbled on the car: “Just married. 40 years ago”

I read in Time magazine about a study where zero percent of those who apply for a marriage license believe they will get divorced—yet close to 50% of marriages end in divorce. How long will your marriage last? It’s a tough and often uncomfortable question to answer.

All I can say is that I am rooting for you. May your marriage be one that is a classic definition of Life By Example (You know you live life by example if others want what you have)

 The secret of a good marriage is that there is no secret. It takes lots of work. I heard someone say that it is only in the dictionary that success comes before work. May you be successful in making your marriage last.

I read in one of Dr Norman Vincent Peale’s books that he and his wife found these 7 priciples useful in their own marriage and when counselling couples who needed encouragement:

—-Have a mature concept of what love really is. It is more than a feeling.

—-Work on communication constantly.

—-Learn how to defer gratification.

—-Take responsibility. Change begins with yourself.

—-Learn to compromise.

—-Practice the art of appreciation.

—-Strive always to increase the spiritual dimension of your life together.

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