How Many Regrets do You Have?

As I listen to the many stories I hear in my clinic I am struck by how common it is for people to have regrets. When they look back they wish they had the chance to do things differently.

My own modus operandi has always been to aim to live life in such a way that I will have the fewest regrets possible.

However, all of us at some point and time will have to admit our regrets. And hopefully learn from it so that our life can be an example or inspiration to others.

In her popular book The Top Five regrets of the Dying Bronnie Ware lists the number one of the five regrets as “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”

There are 4 more regrets Bronnie writes about—-all whom will bring tears to your eyes but also a smile on your face. Buy the book or read about these regrets in future blogs I may post.

Reading about the regret of not living life true to myself prompted me to ask these questions:

1. Why do some people put up with pain, criticism, unrealistic expectations of others or frustrations which, like boulders, block the path they walk each day?

2. Why is it that fear holds us back so often?

3. When is it too late to make a change?

4. What do I take for granted. For example,

Reading (process)

Reading (process) (Photo credits:

why do I assume I shall get to it later and still be in good health?

5 Why do we continue with something or someone when our hearts are not fully engaged anymore?

6. How do we find the courage to live the life we are meant to live without hurting others in the process?

7. Do I use pain and frustrations as a catalyst to move forward?

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