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Not so long ago I discovered an author who makes a lot of sense.

She wrote a great book, a resource on exercise I would highly recommend (The First 20 Minutes)

I have suggested it to many of my patients—almost every day since I first read it. By the way I never recommend a book I did not read first —especially when it comes to health issues!

Recently I also read a great blog she wrote on how much exercise we need to engage in so that we can live longer, and also enjoy the journey along the way. See this link for more details


The bottom line is that studies done in Texas and Scandinavia both show the same thing: People, who exercise moderately, live longer.

Although I am a jogger who has not missed a day of exercise since Dec 16, 2009 I mostly suggest walking as the best exercise.

Do three things about this week’s resource

  1. Get a comfortable pair of shoes and a step counter from a store which sells exercise equipment (a good quality step counter is way better than cheap ones which tend to be less accurate; they also last less)
  2. Have a fixed time to exercise (For me, most of the past 910 days of daily working out, involved getting up after 7hrs of sleep and working out in the mornings. But not all of us can do that. So pick a time that works for you)
  3. Keep a log of how far you go. When you miss your appointments with yourself, investing in your health, make sure you log why you missed. In the end it is all about our habits. For more information—but only if you are interested in creating better habits—I suggest another great book: The Power of Habit

If you liked these books please let me know. Or tell a friend. The goal of Life By Example is to help as many other people to stay connected and inspire each other to healthier living. Feel free to start a conversation on this site. I’ll welcome it!

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