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I am at the airport after attending the Annual Meeting of the Obesity Society in Orlando. Often when I drank from a fire hydrant I have sit back and reflect……what will I take home and how will it help my readers and patients.

I have observed a number of influential individuals here at the meeting; from Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Stanford.

 I wondered how they became so influential and here is my top 20 list of what I think makes them leaders (people who have influence)

 1. They are smart and “get it” fast. They also come up with ideas quickly.

 2. They are masters when it comes to being articulate.

 3. They can “read” people well. Their IQ is high but so also is the EQ (emotional quotient)

 4. They dress sharp and carry their bodies with confidence.

 5. They use humor to help their audience relax.

 6. They are passionate and because they believe their audience believes.

7. They are focused and disciplined.

8. They know how to filter out stuff that does not matter but only distract.

 9. They network well and know how to connect with the right people.

 10. They are original—this makes them attractive.

 11. They are well fueled and energized because they are healthy at all times (they care about lifestyle choices such as exercise and nutrition)

 12. The smile more than they frown.

13. They are organized and rarely wastes time.

14. They can quickly access their many resources.

15. They mentor others and live life by example.

16. They market themselves very well without being in another’s face all the time.

 17. They endure and stick to things despite running into the wind and uphill

 18. They over prepare—like an Olympic athlete who spends hours of training getting ready for the 9 seconds it takes to do a 100meters

19. They are at peace and in balance. This makes them productive.

 20. They are mindful that they did not get to earth by chance but that their mere presence and talents suggest there is a Creator.

I am going to expand on this list in future but for now I felt the urge to share it with you because I want you to become more influential.

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