How you can become more disciplined

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Often people ask me how I manage to run marathons, see patients, write for Canada’s National paper, the Globe and Mail and be a regular contributor on TV and radio, raise 4 kids with my wife and serve on various medical committees.

It is not about me really. It is about the examples I had of
people I admire.
Recently I lady I know well got upset with me for using the word “hero”. She got snarly and pointed out that she has no heroes and it is better to have real friends and not be impressed by others. I beg to differ respectfully.
Reading books on Positive Thinking by my heroes has helped
me to be disciplined. Currently I am reading Joel Osteen’s book Every Day a
. What a great book—filled with stories of hope and heroes.
However, if I summarize 4 steps to being disciplined this is my BEST way of framing it.
B —-Believe in yourself, your Creator and in others.
Believe that you are here for a purpose.
 E—–Expect the best under all circumstances. This takes
daily mental discipline.
 S—-Speak words to yourself and others that are uplifting.
Encourage others and experience the energy that flows from that. Remember that
out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
T—-Think positive. This is only possible if you fill your mind with good thoughts.
All the BEST to you.





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