How you can live 5.6 years longer

DSC00641, Copenhagen, Denmark

DSC00641, Copenhagen, Denmark (Photo credit: jimg944)

Experts in Copenhagen taught all of us something useful: if you are a woman and want to live 5.6 years longer (or a man who wants to live 6.2 years longer) then it is simple.

Do this

  1. Get a pair of running shoes
  2. Free yourself for 1-2.5 hrs per week
  3. Run at a slow or average pace (a heart rate below 130 / minute). The 2.5 hrs per week is the total of three exercise bouts in one week. Or if you are very busy take 20 minutes three times a week.


How did they get this result? The Copenhagen City Heart Study included 20,000 people over a 35 year span. By looking at the exercise habits of these people, it became clear that the risk of death was reduced by 44 % and that years were added to the lifespan of the study participants.

What if you are a type A person and you go out harder and longer? There still are benefits but to a lesser extent.

The above is good news for people who want to enjoy a long and healthy life. It’s good news because it is simple and realistic.

Here is my challenge to you: what is keeping you from following the three steps above? Jot your excuses down and remember this saying “You will never change what you decide to tolerate


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