How You Start and End Your Day Matters

How we start and end our days matter a great deal. Just like bookends, holding up books I have found over the years that when I pay attention to what I read just before I switch the lights off at night, and soon after I wake up, I am “held” together.

For example, on my bedside table I keep some key books that I would scan-even for as briefly as one minute when I am tired at night. I am tempted to tell you which books they are….maybe later. The point is for you it may not be a book. It may be a quote. Or a poem. Or a note of encouragement someone sent you. Just make it a habit to avoid any negative ideas-especially the evening news-to enter your mind before you drift off to sleep. When you do that, you will sleep better and end up with more energy and also more ideas.

The more ideas you get the more you will be able to live by example.
On the other hand when you wake up, you may be like me wife. She is not a morning person. But I am working on her to at least do one thing also to hold her up. By one thing I mean listen to music; have an inspirational “stickie-note” attached to the bathroom mirror (she did that herself…..I did not have to encourage her to do that), or deposit something positive in your mind.Anne Curry, a host of NBC’s Today Show talks about how she makes it a habit to list things she is grateful for at the start of each day.

As for me, I like to get wisdom and understanding as soon as I am awake, so I read for a few minutes as soon as I wake up. First the Bible and then the newspaper so that I know what both sides are up to (this is something Zig Ziglar taught me. He is a motivational speaker from Dallas who also said “If you keep on doing what you have been doing, you will keep on getting what you have been getting”)
Use the Sunday huddle tool to start your days ahead right and end them with a positive deposit. Do that consistently and your life will shine-by example.

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