Madonna of humility (1433), Pinacoteca Naziona...

Madonna of humility (1433), Pinacoteca Nazionale (Siena). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Not so long ago I was out running. It was a special run in that I am almost healed from the worst injury in two decades (a torn muscle) Enjoying the slower pace felt good, because at least I was out doing what I enjoy.

Two men passed me. One enthusiastically said “Good Morning” It was indeed a terrific day for running.

I joined them briefly and the conversation soon drifted toward marathon running. They asked me how many marathons I have done. I told them 86.

They both said “That is impressive”

I do not think so actually, and here is why.

  1. Impressive compared to what? (All of life is relative and we can only do what works for us. I have read about another runner who decided to run a marathon every day of the year. He did indeed complete 365 marathons in one year) Why is there such a need to compare ourselves all the time?
  2. These two men did not understand my reason for doing what I do. My motive is not to impress others. I certainly do not run every day of my life to say to the world “watch me”. I do it out of love. Love is my only motive. I love to live in a healthy body. Running keeps me healthy and I will do what I do to raise money to feed hungry kids.  It is motivated by love. Every 10 minutes a Boeing full of kids crash. (Actually more accurately every 10 minutes the same number of kids die from starvation) The Great Teacher taught that we are to love others as love ourselves. I cannot tell you how to love, but love must be the motive always.
  3. Impressive is when we can get to a place of true humility and service to others. Not so long ago I read about a man from Phoenix who met mother Teresa. He told her “I will never be able to thank you” She said “You can thank me by going back to Phoenix. Then find a street person. Tell that person that he/she is not alone and love them by your actions”

The past two months I did not blog. I have instead taken a break to study three key principles.

I shared them with another runner yesterday. She liked it very much.

I hope you will too.

What are these three truths? They are universal truths. They are timeless.

They are: humility, compassion and simplicity

Today I briefly shared a story of humility. In the months ahead I will humbly share with you more about compassion and simplicity.

Meanwhile remember the wise and simple words uttered by a humble Chinese monk: Don’t do bad things. Always do good things.


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