It cannot be done?

Great Depression Food Line

Great Depression Food Line (Photo credit: Kevin Burkett)


Seventy five years ago a bridge was completed. It is iconic to this very day. Many visitors come and see it every year, 75 years after it was build. And 75 years from now it will still attract millions and be on post cards and T shirts.

I ran across this bridge last year as part of a marathon and witnessed 2 fellow marathoners—a male and a female. He was proposing to her on his knees, their race interrupted as he asked her to marry him. I did not slow down to see if she said yes, but I suspect she did just that. It is a sight I shall never forget.

There is only one problem. The engineer, who wanted to build this bridge, many years ago, was told it is impossible. He did not believe the experts. He went ahead with his plans and we benefit from that mental tenacity today.

I am talking about the Golden Gate Bridge. This year it will be 75 years old on May 27. It once was the longest suspension bridge in the world. It was build with no federal money. It was build during the height of the Great Depression.

In life there will always be obstacles, depressions, people who tell us it is impossible. But like Joseph Strauss, the chief engineer who persisted, we have two choices when the road forks: give up or tune out experts who say “It cannot be done”


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