Know How to Count Right

“It’s the little things that make the big things possible. Only close attention to the fine details of any operations makes the operation first class.”

~J. Willard Marriott

Recently I was irritated by all the red traffic lights I encountered on the way to dropping my boys off at their school. My wife has me well-trained; I help her with the driving, but I must admit, she drives way more than I do (Watch for a future commentary on driving)

I am sure you have felt the same at times—when every light seems to be red when you are in hurry

I actually ended up timing how long I had to wait at each red light. It added up to 7 minutes. As soon as I realized the number was 7 I also realized that I just did what I tell my kids not to do. I did not lead by example. I tell them to not count the negative first, but rather the positive….they saw me count the negative

Even if the positives are small, add them up and as Mr. Marriott said “It’s the little things that make the big things possible” A lot of positive things, even if small, added up, can make big things happens

Take the March of Dimes Project for example. Someone decided that if one adds up lots and lots of dimes, polio can be eradicated. A big thing indeed, resulting from the compound effect of something small. The tallest tree in the California Redwoods started with a small seed.

So here is an idea you may want to add to your next Sunday Huddle List:

 Determine that for the next week you will use the stop-moments at red lights not to fuss and fume

Instead of being negative and getting your blood pressure up, use your 7 minutes to pray for those who need hope; or to go through a mental list of what you should be grateful for; or think about what you can do to be a great example to your kids, your mate, your friends—and even your dog, if you have one!

I use humor talking about a “dog” as an excuse to remind you to take your dog for a walk– even if you don’t have one.  Pretend you have a dog that needs to be walked. Exercise. Remember we talked about the benefits of motion creating emotion not so long ago.

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